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Favorite Work Boots
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Like Your Favorite Pair of Boots...

Since Paul's humble beginnings in Napa, California he has always been a character. Growing up Paul was influenced by snarky celebrities and colorful characters on TV and in film. Paul incorporated his "celebrity charm" and some funny voices, into his life to sometimes cope with uncomfortable situations.

When he was told he had to be the Easter Bunny in order to get a job, Paul donned the costume, and the character, and went to work!

(Yes... that is really Paul as a teenager!)

Paul embraces hard work and tirelessly strives to bring you a finished product that constantly exceeds expectations. With the discipline of a U.S. Marine and over three decades of Customer Service experience, Paul Matthews is as reliable as your favorite pair of work boots. Just try him on!

Paul Matthews

Paul Feels Comfortable Behind the Mic and Cozy on Your Ears!

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