About Me

Providing the Voice of Confidence That Builds Your Business

After over 25 years in the Construction industry...

I left my career behind to follow my heart. I understand what it takes to build confidence in your clients, and their audience. I excel in Commercial and Retail, Explainers and Corporate Narration. I understand that you want a casual voice that holds a relatable truth and a confident but trustworthy tone your listeners can connect with.

As discipline and hard work goes, I’m no stranger!

I'm a veteran of the US. Marine Corps, also a First Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. Just like these accomplishments, I have studied with multiple teachers and over multiple genres like Promo, Trailer, Commercial and Narration, to learn my voice acting craft, hone my skills, and apply that same discipline to become a successful voice actor.


I Don't Take Myself Too Seriously...

I enjoy laughing, and making others laugh. So when I have the opportunity to become characters, I jump at the chance.


At 16, when I was told I had to be the Easter Bunny in order to get a job, I donned the costume, and the character, and went to work!

My Philosophy

I believe we go through life with a purpose. An unguided path toward something we are intrinsically connected to. For some people, they discover that purpose early and spend a lifetime satisfied with their path and enjoying whatever it is that they do. Others may spend years wandering and searching for their special purpose.

I spent many years wishing I could change something in my life. Something that would feed the desire deep inside myself to be more. To do more. Voice Over IS that something. I spend every waking moment thinking about this business. How I can be better, and how I can help those seeking a voice.